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I was checking my email on Yahoo today when I came across yet another article, which made me completely lose faith in humanity! This time I was completely disgusted by the vulgar way a ‘celebrity’ treated another human being.  Beyoncé or Wendy Williams Jr., as I call her (evidence below), gave birth to what she thinks is Jesus.



Actually, the baby’s name is Blue Ivy (Sorry Beyoncé, that is a Bath and Body Works scent not a baby name).  Anywho, her and hubby JAYZ basically shut the hospital down where she was having the baby.  So much so that it was hard to tend to babies in intensive care! A father was unable to see his baby, who was born prematurely, and roughed up by Beyoncé’s security.  She was not even at the hospital!  I will include a link to the original piece at the end of the post, but first I want to talk about how utterly disturbing our worship of money, power, and fame have become!

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that I have all but lost faith in humanity.  I have never been a proponent for the theory of evolution, yet I believe that the current culture of self-absorbtion, living completely meaningless lives have given Darwin’s theory new credence! I am not sure if our species is further behind than previously thought by Darwin from self-awareness or we are truly in regression and devolving.  ( IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUANDARY, PLEASE COMMENT!) A good example of the failures of evolution is pictured below:

Regression of the species

On a more serious note, what makes celebrities think that they can treat others like dirt?  Maybe we, as a society, have worshipped fame so much that we are the ones who are the gluttons for punishment.  I have observed a very disturbing trend in culture over my lifetime: we, as a culture, glorify success at any cost and those who are successful are worth more and thus treated better.  We are creating our own CASTE SYSTEM and we don’t even realize it.

Please read the original article and leave me a comment with your thoughts on the topic.  Personally, I hope one of the families mistreated by the hospital and the JayZ’S sues them both! Read the full article here.

Til next time