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When I found out that Steve Jobs died today, it really was a shocker.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

My wife told me  when she read about Jobs’ death on Twitter just a couple of hours ago; and when I heard the news my heart dropped. Steve Jobs’ had resigned his post at Apple computers a few months ago due to his failing health, yet part of me always assumed he would get better and go back to creating industry shaping products.

There are not many people who have inspired me as much as Steve; from the humble beginnings of Apple to him being basically fired by the company he helped to create. And then taking a short stint making Pixar a viable production company, and then back to Apple to create some of the most innovative products known in our modern times! All with hope and confidence in what can be done!

I am typing this post on my Macbook pro, and I am happy to boast that I have been a loyal mac customer since the early 2000’s; my first mac was the (clam shell) iBook.

1st gen ibook

I loved that computer. My wife worked at the Apple store close to Chapel Hill to help pay her bills, and still she uses their product (people don’t support their former work places unless the product is a good one!).

Last year, I bought a Droid 2 phone (I just couldn’t wait for the iPhone to come to Verizon) that turned out the be one of the great mistakes of my life! I have since sold that phone on eBay, and then vowed to only buy mac! I guess the real reason that I love mac and will miss Steve Jobs’ is that he was not just a ‘Computer Guy,’ mac is not just a ‘Tech Company,’ he approached computers with a simple user-friendly interface that allowed us to use computers not to crunch numbers, but to create and be creative!

I have heard that when a developer came to Sony with a revolutionary new product, Sony turned it down saying it would never catch on, but later the same developer had his dreams come true when the Ipod was actualized.  Steve Jobs will be missed by me because he inspired me to live out my God-given talents

We would not have Apple computers or Pixar animated movies without you, Steve! You will be missed. Rest in Peace



Til next week