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For those of you that have been following my blog and my new series these last couple month Build a Jesus workshop , thank you . I have had such a fun time these last few month coming up with the topics that I feel needed addressing in the Christian community. So far we have covered the deity of Christ, His bodily resurrection and Hell (in some detail) refer to older posts under the build a Jesus or Shut the Hell up tag; but still to come we have Heaven and a couple other topics to conclude the build a Jesus series!

I am taking a week off to focus on two of my other passions, Mt. Biking (In the Flying Frog adventure race) and painting (my work, along with my wife’s is to be in the downtown Statesville artcrawl next sat). needless to say two big events back to back days leaves little time for writing.

I still have a catalogue of posts to draw from as well as pictures from both of these events forth with!