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Two posts ago I started to explore the concepts of Hell in my Build-a- Jesus Workshop series; I got a lot of feedback on facebook and the blog, a lot of feedback that really helped bring us into this second blog regarding Hell.

Dante's Vision of Hell

I ended my last blog post with the question, Why did Jesus create Hell? and that among other questions I wish to answer in this post. First off, I was posed the question, if Hell is a big turn off for non-believers, why even talk about it at all? Is Hell important? If it is then we need to talk about it. I believe that you cannot become a follower of Jesus without at least a basic understand that there is a Heaven to be gained and a Hell to be shunned. Jesus talked about the topic of Hell more than He did of Paradise or Heaven; and He never talked in apathetic, limp verb-age, but in strong powerful words when it came to Hell. Of all the topics that Jesus spoke of in the New Testament I believe that Jesus uses the most clear and direct dialog in regards to Hell, or Hades, or Sheol or whatever term Jesus used in His talking about death and Hell. Often in Jesus’ talks and in His preaching He would use terms that were familiar to the people of His day. When talking of Hell Jesus would on occasion use the term Gehenna and His audience would have a vivid word-picture of how awful Hell had to be because they were familiar with Gehenna an area outside of Jerusalem where some Israelites would dispose of bodies sacrificed to false gods! Hell is awful and Jesus came to save us from it! If Hell is so horrible that Jesus spent much of His ministry warning His hearers about it; why did God create it in the first place?

Only one way to Heaven: through the Cross

If God is all-knowing and infinite as I believe, why would He create a place so awful and devoid of His presence as Hell? In Matt. 25:41; and Rev. 20:10 we find that Hell was created for Satan and his followers. God cannot have any sin or rebellion in His presence and thus it must be separated from Him. Although that is the Bible’s explanation of why Hell was created, I cannot fully explain it, I do not understand God’s ways and I don’t believe that some things can be fully understood by our finite minds. I do know that God makes it clear that there is a afterlife and it matters very much what we do and choose to believe in the hear and now! “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” C.S. Lewis Often I come back to the above conclusion. I have a longing that I cannot explain. I have a realization that we were not created  for what we endure here. danieldunlop

In the next post we will explore:

– why God spoke often of Hell to the religious but not to the pagans of His time.

-why Rob Bell’s views on Hell helps make good atheists

If you would watch this below debate with Rob Bell and we will discuss it next time….