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Singer songwriter Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

If you haven’t heard, singer song writer Amy Winehouse died the other week, the news of her death was all over the internet and TV! To me, her death was heart breaking, she died so young (27) and her eclectic soul jazz voice was, to me, one of the best ever! Not to mention, Amy was a very good song writer.

The thing that was really sad about Amy’s death was how so many people in the media and everyday life were making jokes about her death.  I think that if someone died after living a long life  there is  much more respect for them than for someone who lives a party lifestyle and dies young! The devaluing of a person with a sordid lifestyle is very sad to me, and even more so when you hear fellow Christians making snide remarks about her!

God sets our soul’s worth, we do not.  We do not even for that matter truly know what a man’s life is worth, only God does! It is very sobering to me when I think that we will all die some day, it’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’! If we truly had eternity in our hearts every day, we would never make light of the misfortune or the sin of others! If not for the grace of God, we are in the same boat as each and every other person on earth.

Even though we do not live in a civilization that uses a caste system, in a sense America does have a caste system of sorts because we look down on those that have diseases or struggle with certain kinds of illnesses and sins.  To me, our culture is fine with drug use or a wild promiscuous lifestyle as long as it does not interfere with that individual’s usefulness to his or her culture. I believe that many poor and illiterate people have simply been mowed over by culture because they have no worth to us!

It is strange to think that Amy Winehouse has been grouped with the homeless and down and out, though she made millions of dollars and won Grammy awards! What is the worth of a man’s soul?  Jesus spent most of His earthly ministry with Amy Winehouse type people; people that had consuming addictions and could not find freedom, people that had no life outside of their suffering! It is for the Amy Winehouse’s of the world that Jesus came, not for the religious! I am Amy Winehouse, and I am thankful that God sees what I am going through.

Next time we see someone struggling, someone who doesn’t seem to have a shred of hope left, will we help them?


I will post the next installment of Build-a- Jesus Workshop later this weekend. Hope to see your comments, and I promise you that I will respond to any questions or comments raised!

Looking forward to the very relevant topics we will be discussing shortly!