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Recently my wife and I watched They Live, a b-movie classic by the legendary John Carpenter. The reason that we started watching it was it was referenced as an inspiration for the work of street artist Shepard Fairey in the documentary Bombed.

Fairey with Some of His Work

The premise of They Live is that the main character played by Roddy Piper (pro-wrestler).  Roddy piper is struggling to make a living working for ‘the man’ when he stumbles onto this cult like group of people who are trying to spread the word about mass deception through sunglasses that allow us to see the world as it truly is.
We’ve been blinded by advertising and those around us. When Roddy puts on these special shades, he can see that billboards no longer have pictures, but instead display single words or phrases that influence viewers.

World as it truly is in They Live

In many  ways I find some correlation  with reality, in that we are often bombarded by things and people that on the surface seem harmless, but are in fact destructive to our lives. It’s as though God has given us a pair of shades (The Bible) to see the world as it really is! If we never bother to read the Bible, we don’t know the evil that truly surrounds us. Lately,  I have been studying through Proverbs and it has opened my eyes to so many truths and realities around me! Thank you God for your sunglasses!