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In the development of our faith there is really nothing more important than our personal relationship with Jesus, but the other side of this same token is that in Christiandom there is really nothing more overlooked !

What do I mean by that? Much of what we call Christianity in our world, is sunday school, church services, praise services, but if we strip Christianity down to its bare core it is about our personal walk with Jesus Christ and nothing else. Anyone can go to church and attend services; quite honestly anyone can read the Bible, but that doesn’t mean that they have a relationship with Jesus.

In first John, John told us that “They went out from us, but they were not of us;” Speaking of fake Christians or AntiChrists. Throughout the new testament the writers of the gospels and the epistles warned of those that served in churches and ministries to serve their own purposes. Many will manipulate the Bible and abuse it, but the only way to discover the truth and the way God wants you to walk is a personal meditation time with Jesus.

What is a personal meditation time with Jesus? For me it includes getting away from my ever more busy life and taking time to read God’s word and pray about the things that matter to me, then just meditate on what I just read and talked to God about.

Meditation is what we need more of in our increasingly busy world

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