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Yet more trouble learning my Droid 2. Yikes I feel like I am a 65 year old man! I recently had dinner with a couple of friends and briefly explained my dismay at not quite understanding my new phone; my friend offered to look at the phone, and without any hesitation explained what all nine of the  icons that popped up meant, I felt so ancient. After telling my friends that I was too old for these new fangled technologies they reminded me that I was only a couple of years older than them!

I am not sure that I will ever completely master all the new technologies; I am glad that all of this technology is at our finger tips, but I wonder if we don’t take it for granted! A lot of people update their facebook pages almost hourly, but with this great form of communication so readily available what relationships and chores do they neglect? What do I neglect to work on my facebook page or download the newest apps? I thought that its odd that the price to download some songs on iTunes has jumped from 99 cents to $1.29 and it’s free to download the ESV Bible, does anybody see a problem with that picture? I needed some time to just unwind and relax, get myself back together, so Megan and I took a trip to Black Mountain North Carolina, and this is part two of Complix:


Mmm yummy!


I decided to break my post on COMPLIX down into a few smaller posts that on their own target specific elements of our modern complex  society. Modern American society drinks massive amounts of coffee, and support Starbucks on almost every street corner in almost every metropolitan area; however almost none of those coffee drinkers enjoy their beverage in the ceramic mugs provided at the coffeehouse. Why do the coffee drinkers not use the mugs?  Most people who frequent the coffeehouses of America do not have the time to engage someone in conversation and sit to relax while enjoying their Java! There are those few exceptions who do enjoy their coffee in the coffeehouse and have gained much insight by engaging their fellow patrons, yet I cannot help but wonder what would happen if we all slowed down and enjoyed our coffee in the shop once in a while? Even if you are not a coffee drinker, sitting down and enjoying something to drink at your favorite local hot spot, and just ‘chewing the fat’ with those around you, would broaden all of our horizons and I believe make us better people.

If we do not take time to relax, unwind and sip some coffee we will never truly get to know each other.

“Keep your friendships in repair.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson