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Tryin' to figure out my new phone


Over the last few weeks Megan and I have been completely consumed with our day to day lives and raising a small child (collective sigh) on the off chance that we have free time in our week we work on our youtube videos and shows; this leaves almost no time for my blog! (I’m exhausted from that sentence!)

So to those in blog world that have had your breaths held, you can breath; here is my new post, Complix

You might say, ‘Daniel, why the mis-spelled word? don’t you have spell sheck?’ (purposely mis-spelled  check) Yes, I do, but I don’t believe that the word complex can convey the depth of this subject, or the gravity of what we need to talk about, so I invented the word Complix!

Recently I renewed my contract with my mobile phone and I got one of those knew droid Media phones, many to keep up with all my emails and our show related mails. The phone is simply put, awesome, however it did not come with any instructional booklet and since I am slightly tec-impaired there has been a step learning curve! In the midst of learning what all the phone can do and how easily I can get frustrated, I also learned that these new media phones with all there apps and media tools have in many ways made our lives more complicated than ever! In recent years we just had to worry about keeping up with one or two emails and that was it, but now we have facebooks, and twitters, myspaces and youtubes, not to mention all those other emails we have barely been able to catch up with in the past!

Meg and I decided that we needed a little break, so we made a B-line for the mountains. Grandparents were going to watch our little bundle of joy while Meg and I got some much needed relaxation up in Black Mt. N.C.  What I learned about my life, my relationship with Meg, our baby, and God is vital to the survival of my spirit and I hope will be helpful in your life as well!

God has told us to be still and know that He is incharge, in the next few posts I will explore what I learned in the mountains and what I continue to learn here at home

Til next time