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KC Ortiz, Jungle Hmong

This last week I wrote about how I believed that it was impossible to be too heavenly minded to be earthly good, because the very essence of Godliness is to be others focused!  To deny myself and look after the spiritual and physical needs of those around me; that is Jesus (If you get nothing else from this blog, get that!)

We are so consumed with doubt, discouragement, and disbelief in everyday life, that it is no wonder that we transfer some of this into our private time with God! Turn on the T.V. , the radio, or read on the web, and it will not be long before you stumble onto a news story that sucks the little hope you have left in humanity right out of you! It’s hard to get alone with God and just rely, or lean against God, and believe that He really has our back! Today I wanted to leave you just a short reminder that God loves you and that there are other people who, in spite of  circumstances, are relying or leaning on the love of God.

The above picture was taken by KC Ortiz on his photo journalist trip to Laos. The Hmong man teaching the Bible in the picture is teaching from the only Bible which his forest community owns. In other pictures in this same Ortiz collection, KC depicts a man with an assault rifle guarding a group of young women as they go about their daily chores; other pictures show the struggle that the jungle Hmong people have had with The People Government, and the after- affects of Agent Orange (which the US used during the Vietnam war).  These pictures (especially the one above) reminds me that in spite of what we might go through God has a great plan, great path for us. If these Hmong people can worship God while being chased by the LPA; I can serve and worship God in a land where I am free to do so.

Honestly, I believe that Photography is one of the most powerful tools because it can say so much more than I can put into words. If a photojournalist was to follow me around for one year, what would his work reveal about the man named Daniel James Dunlop? Would people know that I was truly following Jesus or would they see a screw up? Would there be any pictures of me reading the Bible to my children, with my family, on my own, would I be praying?