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So I noticed no one, not a single person, left me a comment on my last post. Come on bloggers! did I touch a nerve with title-ing  it Dont Call Me Christian, or maybe some of you were offended that I picked on Kate Gosselin? Well, I’m sorry if I offending any one (except Kate Gosselin), but I stand by what I say in my blog because I believe that mainstream Christianity is apathetic and dead, and true believers need that awakening!

This weeks blog is going to be a slight change of direction, although I do want to revisit modern vs. true Christ- likeness in future entries, this weeks post is on waiting on God’s timing. Waiting on God’s timing. Let’s face it, that is something that probably none of us have mastered yet, right? Throughout the Bible countless examples of people struggling with waiting on God’s timing are recorded for our growth: David (timing on being king of Israel), Paul (struggling with an affliction of some kind(?)), and we all remember that Abraham refusing to wait on God resulted in Abraham getting his maid preggers! (Gen. 16:15-16)  So if these super- spiritual Bible characters couldn’t find patience, how can we? Well the truth of the matter is that the ‘super-spiritual’ ‘Bible Characters’ we refered to are just normal everyday people, that when confronted with heavy decisions, chose a path, that like us effected their life forever.

Patience is not easy or fun, but if we believe that God is bigger and wiser than us, we have to learn it! I’m learning patience with work and what God wants Meg and I to do next. A good example of learning patience in my own life is something that you might find small in the scheme of things, buying a new car, but to God there are no small things, just pieces of bigger things. What do I mean?  To God all things matter, because He is infinite and can see how the smallest decision now or ten days from now will affect us now and even into eternity. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that what car my wife and I chose will alter the courses of history, but I do want to be wise with God’s money because He has great plans for it.

Let me elaborate a little. Meg and I want a Subaru Forester, green, or blue, preferable 75,000 miles or less, a 98-04, but if I see a white Forrester for a good price at a car lot and it has 150,000 miles I try to make excuses why maybe we’re being too picky, when truthfully we’ve prayed about what we want, and need to just wait on God’s timing to answer yes, no, or maybe.

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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, PATIENCE… Galatians 5:22