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Hey there loyal bloggers and bloggettes, how is everyone doing this fine evening in blog world?  A lot has been going on in the Dunlop household since the last time I wrote. To catch you up to speed just a little; my  wife and I have been working tirelessly on our YouTube show Life Chronicles which premieres in Sep (TBA) We have a video up there now if you guys want to check it out http://www.youtube.com/arcadeagames Along with all of the writing and filming we have been living our private lives and trying our best to raise a crazy little baby girl. Life is challenging enough when you add all the drama that others throw your way! My wife Megan and I have vowed to each other to not feed drama and gossip, but often in life you can’t help but get some of that mud on your feet as you walk through life. Today I got a letter from a former church I worked at, the letter was regarding the dismissal of one of the pastors for Infidelity. It seems like these life situations are all around us, and one can’t help but step to the side and say a prayer for those involved. Often in situations of people stepping away from their faith not only those involved are hurt, but also those that stand by and watch it happen.

As Christians our failures often defame the name of Jesus; this should grieve our hearts, but something troubles me more than the sin of those that truly love our Lord, Faux-christians. In the Bible, we find that towards the return of our Savior those that were false witnesses and teachers would be many. As the return of our Savior draws near, many wolves would dress in sheep’s clothing.

Many faux- christians come to mind, those that use shrewd dealings and good acting to deceive many into thinking they are ‘christians.’  Ted Haggard, Jim Baker among others bring to mind the kind of people who the Bible warns us against! People who use the Bible and the people of God for their own means.  Another type of faux-christians are the celebrities that claim to be ‘born again.’  A couple examples would be the Gosselin family (namely Kate) and Spencer and Heidi from the Hills; if you watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight or The Hills for five minutes you can tell that these people are not true believers in Jesus, yet Kate Gosselin has written several books that grace the shelves of local Christian book stores! (perhaps Kate Gosselin should focus more on her 8 kids not her pseudo-career)

For those of us that truly want to follow Jesus Christ’s teaching with our lives, Kate Gosselin and Ted Haggard give us a bad name among those that don’t know our Savior! These are just a couple of reasons that I prefer to be called a follower of Jesus rather than the cop-out word Christian.

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