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Zombies, Werewolves, and Vampires have invaded our 21st century pop culture in a way that the 40’s and 50’s ultra cheesy scifi genre could only imagine. Teen boppers and adults alike are constantly debating whether they are Team Edward or Team Jacob; (that might make sense if it was a social or political issue, but it is a freak’n movie) tweeting about the latest celeb to go to jail or rehab. I estimate that outside of twittering, facebooking, talking about pop culture and sports, the average American spends about 30 secs. talking about meaningful topics over the course of a day, but that is of course, only if they are slightly intelligent (quite a bit less time  for stupid people).  But, back to our topic, Zombies and the garish goons that call them friends.

In those often poorly written, but always funny zombie movies the hero has to confront the ‘undead’ with either a gun or a baseball bat, and the hero is always one of only three or four people left on earth. Some times I feel like that Zombie slayer. I mean in the culture and time that we are living in, I feel so out of place, so alive and so excited about the possibilities of life when it seems like every0ne else is so dead and filled with negative energy! The joy of my life is the hope I have in Jesus for the here and now and the here after; the lost world is confused by this. The Bible says that we are aliens in this world and that is how we  sometimes feel.

Maybe it is time as believers in Jesus to stop trying to fit in and just be our selves; Aliens! Maybe the reason you’re feeling so dead inside is because you are following culture and not the living Christ. This culture has no redeeming qualities, no saving grace, only death; the life of the walking dead.


In one of my next posts I’m going to explore faux- christians, and why I no longer want to be called a Christian, don’t miss it!