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Based on John 2:13-22…….

And Jesus entered into a neighborhood Christian bookstore, as He passed by he noticed a display of ROCKBAND PRAISE EDITION guitars for the Playstation 3. The further that Jesus walked into the store He noticed the bare shelves of the best-seller display, which had bore books on finances, healing, self-help, and fitness.

A Christian bookstore employee approached Jesus, ¬†‘May I help you find something, sir?’

‘ Yes, I was looking for copies of the Word of God?’

The attendant motioned to a shelf, ‘Well, we have James Earl Jones reading selected portions of the New Testament. Or if you want to have a Bible that is more culturally relevant, we have a bible that has a parallel Avatar the movie comparison guide, or the bible with a forward by Barack Obama. That one is on the New York Times bestseller list!’

Jesus, looking a little frustrated said, ‘No, just the Bible by it’s self.’

The clerk said, ‘Oh’ and pointed towards the back. ‘ The regular Bibles are in the clearance section. It’s back there behind the Jesus action figures.

Back in the back was a large clearance section of mostly Bibles, big and small, different translations, different print sizes, but all gathering dust!

Jesus turned around and walked past the magazine rack; rows of magazines with pictures of famous people that Christians tried to attach some kind of connection.  Turning to the side and squeezing past a display of over priced highlighters and pens with the word JESUS inscribed on them, He grimaced when He saw the Bible verse mints and lifesavers with crosses on them.

Turning to look back at the “Christian bookstore” and its patrons, Jesus shed a tear, but no one inside the bookstore noticed Jesus leave, because the Christian bookstore didn’t know He ever was really there!