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Man it has been a while since I have written in this blog. My apologies! Things have been crazy around my house and it has been very hard to find the time to write anything. I hope that you guys haven’t forgotten me?

The wounded Christ is the third blog in my wounded series, and a topic that I have had freshly on my mind since writing The Wounded Sojourner.

This blog is something that I have needed to say, but it also is something that I have hesitated to say because I believe it will offend some.

The Jesus that many have come to know and love is a man that during His life time was subject to many sufferings (Isa. 53:3). The life of Jesus Christ was one that many if they truly contemplated it would say was a sad life, a life that one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemies. Coming from heaven to earth, Jesus went from being the King of the entire universe to suffering rejection and scorn among people, many of which did not believe in who He was. After proving His divine origins, Jesus choose twelve disciples who He taught the way of the father (God) to, yet at the time of His arrest even Jesus’ twelve disciples all abandoned Him. And at Jesus’ crucifixion, only one of the twelve disciples, John, looked on.

This is the true face of Christianity; Jesus as the abandoned betrayed Son of Man, yet it is a Jesus that mainstream Christianity finds offensive, and thus hides! The happy go lucky, WWJD bracelet wearing Jesus that enjoys jamming out to some Christian rock is what this crowd prefers. But in actuality Jesus was a rebel, a man on a mission, many times a loner, yet a man that had the light of God’s love shining upon Him, and the reluctant hearts of His people.

If Jesus came to modern America, I wonder, would His message be accepted, or would our culture and government label Him as a terrorist because of His radical life changing message, and rejection of the American Dream!

See Jesus has little place in His kingdom for those that want to be comfortable or want to sugar coat life change. I believe that Jesus would probably overthrow many of the moneychangers (Christian bookstores)  in our churches, but that is only if He would step into our churches.

Jesus message was simple. He came to redeem the lost, to comfort the hurting, and mourn with the broken hearted, that is why Jesus came as a man. When we try to make the Bible message more tolerable to ourselves or the unchurched world, what we really are doing is saying, “Jesus, your way just isn’t going to sell!”

But in spite of all we Christians know God knows best, He knows that a Jesus that Reached down into human history and loved us as we are, would redeem lives.

I leave you with this, a true story: two young children were talking about history in school and one says to the other, ‘That was in the B.C. time period.’ The other says, ‘What is B.C.?’ The first replies, ‘B.C. stands for before Christ.’ The second asks, ‘What is a christ?’

We live in a Godless generation.  Remember this when you face life’s journey.