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Its been a little while since I have had time to  write in my blog : Little baby, trying to move, finding new job, being a great husband,  (The last one comes naturally since I’m so amazing!) all these take time away from writing, but they’re worth it.

Did my loyal readers miss me while I’ve been away? I have missed you guys!

Today I wanted to speak about the wounded sojourner it’s a kind of part two to my last post The wounded world .

Last time we talked a little bit about the world outside looking for something that can satisfy their longing for relationship and meaning. Some have mistakenly tried to find meaning in their possessions or status or in relationships with others, yet have been gravely disappointed since the meaning that the unchurched world is looking for can only come through a personal relationship with the Living God!

In a time when it seems like  hardly anyone has time for anyone else, how is God going to convince a bunch of sinners that He wants to know them personally? The answer is………… what is US? The key to communion with God and sinners is other sinners that have found the savior (Jesus) sharing their path to redemption (testimony). I’ve heard it over and over again: You are the only Bible some people will ever read, and you are the only Jesus some people will ever meet. This statement needs to be taken to heart, because it is true.

In a beaten up bloodied world like ours, Christians need to be salt and light. We as Christians need to be a shot to the senses and a light into the true nature of the Almighty! That seems impossible, you say, well it is, but as sojourners with Christ that is what He has called us to (1 Peter 2:11,12).

We are called to be ambassadors for God Almighty, yet much of our time is spent in petty bickering, back biting, and complaining. And if that is not bad enough, the unchurched world looks into Christianity as a whole and sees the same sin that they struggle with on the outside!

The problem is not that we struggle with sin just like the world, but we don’t acknowledge our sin and give glory to God for the victories we do have. So many pastors preach against sexual immorality, but have to lick their spiritual wounds from the nights spent in front of the computer viewing things that we as followers of Jesus have no business with.

What if for one week you and I did not try to sell ourselves as a brand, no, instead of trying to sell a neat little sparkly Christian package to a wounded, jaded, beyond repair world, we were real with them. Could you or I go up to someone hurting and face their pain with them, weep with them?

The coffee mug says on the side “Life Is Short, Stay Awake For It.” It is my favorite mug and a good reminder to savor the little things in life. As Christians God doesn’t call us to be or act bullet proof, but instead God calls us to be open to a wounded world, to savor the moments we can share Christ’s love, since after all, not long ago you were that wounded world.