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I haven’t written anything in my blog for several days now. I don’t know why I couldn’t, most of the time its because I don’t have time, yet I found myself the last couple of days just deleting whole blogs before anyone got to read them.

Today is different, its the Lord’s day, a break from a hectic week a time to be still and know who God is. Were you able to be still and hear from God last week? I know that I did, yet I can always spend more time in His presence.

Friday night I went to the youth movie night  at CBC to hear Rick Clinard speak. He’s one of the blogs I subscribe to, very insightful! Rick pulled I Thess. 5:23 apart as he explained that he had made that verse his verse for  2010.

Today I read all of I Thessalonians chapter five and I was struck with how relevant it is for our times.

We live in what many call the Postmodern era (don’t ask me to explain). Dishonesty, adultery, fornication, murder and theft are ever present in a culture that seems to have lost all sense of genuine living! Many longing for honesty and truth have sought to truly be genuine and ‘real,’ this however without the reality of Jesus Christ will only lead to emptiness!

The world outside of Jesus is going in two very different directions; some are trying to save our environment (a noble task for sure), seeking to help the hurting, and give jobs and help to those in need. The other direction that the world without Jesus is going in is a baser element, it includes pornography, graphic violence, molesting of others (either physically or emotionally), and the tearing down of others to build your kingdom! We see this second element  most readily in the fields of business, sports, and entertainment.

If you don’t have Jesus to stand on in this life, you will find yourself beat up and bloodied, with no place to turn. I recently watched two George Clooney  movies, The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Up In The Air. Both were very well done movies, with good scripts and visually pleasing, yet both had a serious flaw. In both films Clooney’s character made some statement about there being no point to life.

I don’t know that I will ever have the privilege of meeting Mr. Clooney, but if I did, I would tell him, “The point is in the cross of Jesus.”

As you start next week remember that most of the people that you will meet along life’s journey do not have “that hope within them” that we sometimes take for granted. This world that we live among is wounded; wounded beyond repair and they need our Jesus!