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How is everyone doing?

Last night I went to help with the youth group at our church, but it being spring break this week we didn’t have enough youth to even hold our regular discover meeting. So instead of four leaders having youth with four youth, we sent the four kids to another one of the church’s youth meetings, and we had a youth leaders meeting.

We spent the time thinking about and praying for all the kids we could remember that hadn’t been to youth in a while; there were almost thirty in all. That time of reflection and contemplation on others, and their needs was exactly what I was in need of. Is that something you could use? A simple time of meditation on the needs of others, a time when we as believers can be still and know that God is God.

Sounds almost silly; to know that God is God, doesn’t it? But in the daily hustle of life we often forget the one that gives us breath, and gives our lives meaning. When you are going through something that seems almost insurmountable, that is when you need God’s peace. We can take time to cry out to God in a time of distress or in a time when we feel far from Him. Yet it is in times when we are just busy that I believe we need God most! If the devil can make our ministry or life busy, yet not productive; then he has succeeded almost as much as turning us down a path of sin. The deceptiveness of the busy ministry is that we’re doing, were at church and we’re doing, but the result and the processes need to be monitored  by frequent times of nothingness.

This was a rather short blog today, that is so you can get off this computer and just be still…………………..

Til we hear from God