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What do you think of when you hear the word Sufficient ? If you were at work and your boss called you into his or her office and proceeded to inform you that your work was sufficient; chances are that your boss believes your performance is lacking. The word sufficient used to mean adequate or enough. Somehow in modern times we have lost our ability to communicate and our vocabulary has been dumbed down to the point that words no longer have power. Take the word awesome for example: how many times have you heard someone say that a hamburger or a movie was awesome? The word awesome means, inspiring and beyond belief. Not many hamburgers could ever inspire me!  Another word that has lost its meaning is Love. Everyone loves this and that, but Love has lost its depth.

Would you use the word sufficient to describe what God has done for you? See the point I’m trying to make? Modern man is suffering from a  fatal  disease, the destruction of community and communication! What Christ has done for me is beyond words. But if I was to describe the life change that God has brought through Jesus I would use the word sufficient. The Latin meaning of the word Sufficient is ‘to meet the need of” and that is where Jesus met me, at the place of my need!

Over the last couple weeks I’ve tried to speak briefly about areas important yet neglected by modern Christianity, and in this last chapter I want to briefly say, the answer is Jesus. Short and simple, we have lost that communication between Christ and church, between church and people, and that is the single area that we need work on! If I built a machine to feed my daughter and change her diapers, yet my wife and I spent no time with her, what would happen?………………………………………………………………………………………………. Her physical needs are being met, yet she needs so much more; she needs to be held, loved, talked to. In this same way, we need to have community with Christ and others. The Christian faith is about community; community with Christ and other believers, yet so much more. Realizing that the work Christ accomplished on the cross (See Luke ch.23) is sufficient for salvation, and the following of Jesus’ life on the earth is sufficient for a sanctified life; this should take the pressure off of us to attain. I must daily ask myself is Jesus sufficient to me? I know He is indeed sufficient for me, but it takes me bowing to Him to say sufficient!