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Hope this weekend finds everyone doing well, and in a state of relaxation? I’m going to attempt to write my final two installments of Finding the Christ In Christian as long as my baby can keep herself entertained with her toys. (don’t worry I’m actually watching her.)

These final two chapters of this 7 part series to me are the most important because they pertain to actually knowing the living Jesus. I believe that a large percentage of those that claim to be Christians in churches across America are faking it! How can I say such a harsh Judgy  thing? Because I have worked in a few churches and spent a lot of time with people claiming the name of Jesus.  So many people that claim to be Christians that I have met don’t even believe that the Bible is the absolute authority for all of life for all people. Without believing the Bible is the absolute authority, ‘blueprint’ for human life if you  will, how can you say you are a follower of Jesus? So many in our churches across America say ‘Yes, I am a Christian, but I don’t believe that the Bible is absolute, and no I don’t believe that Jesus is the actual son of God.’ (can I just say that If you claim to be a Christ follower and also believe the Da Vinci Code is a good book, your probably not a Christian) How do you claim to be a follow of Jesus if you believe He might have lied to us?

I believe that many that sit in churches every Sunday are a lot like grape drink. Welch’s is doing this add campaign with this slogan ‘Grape is a fruit. Not a Flavor.’ I believe in the Christian world it can read, ‘Christ is master, not a imaginary pal.’ See if a lot of those so called Christians had really met the living Jesus, they would have hit the trail at the first mention of Cross, or Yoke!

In Closing what I have found  in America is, we have so much: so much wealth, so much food, so much health and stability, that Jesus to a lot of people is a add on, something to sooth a troubled soul. However the true God of the Bible does not claim prosperity, riches or power, but self sacrifice, hardship and pain! The Prosperity that America enjoys today I can’t help but think is a curse more than a blessing. Why? Because it has made us fat, lazy and stupid, spiritually and physically.

So why do I believe this Jesus is worth following even though He promises hardship and suffering? Find out in part 7 SUFFICIENT

Peace danieldunlop