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A few years ago when I lived in California, we went to the Rose Parade (going to this parade is a waste of time, don’t do it!  Watch it on TV instead.).  There were some “radical Christians” carrying signs that talked about burning in hell and how God hates homosexuals.  Although I don’t think that these people were true followers of Jesus, often true Christians will get mixed up fighting against the wrong thing and not against the enemy, the devil.

So far in “Finding Christ in Christianity”  we’ve looked into a few different topics and I’ve given some of my views.  I hope that you see that the only true measure is the word of God.

I think there’s two extremes in the point of view regarding sexual sin.  First off is the extreme that I talked about earlier, no love, all condemnation.  Second, all love and no reconciliation.  God is love.  We talked about this last week, and it’s something I think we all struggle with, because if we truly believed He loved us, our daily actions would be much different.  In this same idea that God loves us, is held the idea that God has a plan for our lives.  Anything outside of His plan is sin.  Somehow we’ve gotten to a place in Christendom where we rate sin by arbitrarily defined rules, like what we find icky or what we have no trouble doing ourselves.  Telling a little white lie, as long as we save someone’s feelings is ok. Shooting your neighbor, bad. This is true of sexual sins as well. Man watches Porn, its ok, cause men have needs. Man watches gay porn, bad, because thats abnormal. We have fallen down the rabbit hole and into a land of madness, if we think God is up in heaven grading our sins with a calculator. I believe that killing someone is a worse atrocity than stealing a pack of gum, yet any and all sins separate us from the love of God. Sexual sins the Bible says are sins against our own body, thus they not only separate us from a Holy and loving God, they separate us from ourselves(See ROM. 1:18-31).

So whether you struggle with same sex attraction, or lust after the opposite sex while in the grocery store, you are blocking that communion that God longs to have with you. God, made man for woman and woman for man, these two will be one body, joined together in marriage! This is what God has envisioned and any extramarital encounter of any kind keeps us from fulfilling God’s best for our lives.

So what would you say to a gay friend? I hope that you would approach the subject from God’s word, with love in the spirit of restoration, or redemption. What would I say to those people holding the signs of hate at the Rose Parade? Where is the love of God in your message? And furthermore, how can what you have to say redeem a person in need of Christ the Savior?

Is what we say driving people to God or away from Him?

Til next time danieldunlop