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We are nearing the end of my current series and I hope that my perspective has been insightful, or at the very least spurred you to examine what you want to accomplish and what you believe should be the mission of the church in this Christless culture!

So far we have looked at abortion P2 and missions/voluntary work P3. Tonight I want to dive a little more into what the church should be about: the Father’s business!

So many churches have it totally backwards when it comes to convictions and mission. There is a church in Megan and my area that has one of those signs outside, you know one of those gimmick signs, that reads something catchy like Sign Broken come inside for message. More than likely in my opinion if you have one of those signs, your message probably isn’t worth hearing either (imagine that)!

Others are so immeshed into culture that they have absolutely no testimony whatsoever! The first of the  signs that I saw this week read Winter is coming, so Is the Lord (That sign has been up since last fall; so what, your sign guy retire?) The other sign read The KJV has answers you cannot google (First, how many non christians know what KJV means. Second, why KJV, not the Bible?)

Many churches of all different denominations have given up looking at the Bible to find how to love others, how to build relationships, how to win the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Instead they build committees to decide which side of any given topic will yield the least confrontation, hold rallies to get this or that Pollutant elected (no I did not misspell), write petitions to reverse laws, and print cheesy little ‘Christianese’ tee shirts.

I was having conversation with someone about the mistreatment of the homeless in Las Vegas. This person, which claims to be a Christian, believes that it is ok to mistreat them because they, in his words, “choose to be homeless.” Yes, in a sense, but we deserve hell, because we choose it with our sins, but where lies the compassion?

I once again urge us to reflect on how rich and tasty our salt (lifestyle) is to the watching word! Are we nothing different from the lost world, are we so judgey and out of touch the lost world would rather become amish! Or is our life a reflection in the culture of the life and ministry of Jesus?

Peace- danieldunlop