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Through this series, I am going to attempt to confront some of today’s biggest issues: abortion, homosexuality, greed, lust, absolute truth vs. relativity ect.

I am attempting to confront these issues from a ‘Jesus’ prospective; with the understanding that the west embraces a Christless powerless Christianity, that instead of confronting culture head on, bends to it, fences with it, or worst of all tries to Christian coat it!

So far we have dealt a little with abortion in America (see part 2).  And I hope you guys were able to check out the link. Today I want to shift gears and talk about something most Christians and non-Christians are really  interested in, in our culture: Charity or volunteer work.

With the recent earthquakes, natural disasters, and wars that plague our earth, many around the world have been quick to pitch in and help out with time or money (quick pat yourself on the back!).   Yet I can’t help but think of all the people left out. We are so quick as Americans to help, but when it comes to the long term, I wonder if those in need are forgotten. Haiti was on the front page of all the newspapers, athletes and actors alike were advertising  aid for Haiti, but now just a few short weeks have gone by and those people are a distant memory.

I was supposed to speak at a Haiti relief show a few weeks back, but scheduling conflicts prevented me from ever sharing what I want to share with you now! I think a lot of times the good we do in this world is not done with right intentions, but rather  to relieve the guilt of not “taking up our cross,” as Jesus said. We give money to fund relief or help missionaries pass out Bibles, yet I am guilty of not asking, “What more can I do?  God what do You want from me?”

We are guilty of being miserly people. Often as Christians in the west, we give the needy the old worn out jeans that don’t fit us any more, and that blouse, in the back of your closest, that hasn’t been in style since 1979! We need to give the first and the best, not the least and crappiest! Matt. 25:42-46 says that we need to give of our time and money like were handing it directly to Jesus Himself!

I want to dive a little more into this broad subject next time, but until then.

Peace- danieldunlop