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I got some feedback from my last post, I was very happy to see that. keep it coming!

Today is part two in my newest, and also I guess my first series. (didn’t think through that sentence very well.) I hope that this series of blogs can awaken the sleeping Christian that lies dead in all of us, and spur great discussion.

As always I will post almost any comment on my blog so If you disagree, let me know!

Wednesday I had a comment on part one. The comment was regarding the freedom in America, freedom, for religion, but also freedom from religion.

An  awful lot of ‘christians’ that I have run into seem to think, “if we could get back to the old days, then America would be great again!” Nothing could be farther from the truth! Although there once was a stronger presence of judeo-christian ethic in America at the beginning, America has always struggled with the same moral dilemmas with which it is haunted today. Take for example, abortion.

Often we think of abortion Roe v. Wade, yet in America most of the major newspapers of the 1800’s carried numerous ads for over the counter abortion pills, and women that would perform fairly sketchy abortions at home for you! At that time there were no laws on the book against or for abortion, and so people that didn’t want the hassle or men to cover up their affairs, or rape  would summon  one of these ‘doctors’. You can look it up for yourself HISTORY OF ABORTION on google. Really people throughout history have tried to play god by taking life into their own hands, yet it never hit home until I saw 1800s news papers advertising abortions in America.

It shouldn’t surprise us, America isn’t a Christian nation. When we get it through our thick skulls maybe we’ll stop saying, ‘that person needs to go to church’. and start saying, ‘how can I show that person Jesus loves them.’

America doesn’t need more people that watch fox news, it doesn’t need more republicans than democrats in the congress, It doesn’t need more people going to see Left Behind 10 (worst acting in the history of the world).

The world needs to see Christians that put Jesus first, and love like crazy!

til next time danieldunlop