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Over the last few weeks, Megan and I have been discussing a lot of misnomers about our Christian walk.  More specifically, the idea that America is a Christian nation, or for that matter ever was.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our country and am proud to live here.  I believe it is one of the greatest countries ever founded.  But to claim some special divine origin brings with it a kind of pride and arrogance, which I think blinds Christians to the lack of Jesus in our culture.

Usually my blogs are on different topics each time, but I’m going to do a series of blogs and I want feedback whether good or bad I want a discussion to start.  Hopefully, it will trigger Christians in America to rethink their role as ambassadors.

I listen to a lot of Bible teachers on the radio and iTunes.  Lately, Chip Ingram has been covering some of the hot topics that our culture is dealing with such as abortion, homosexuality, etc.  My eyes have been opened to some pretty crazy facts about our country.

Over the next few blogs, I want to discuss and dive into thinking truly Christ like in response to our culture and leave thinking that our country needs to get back to our Christian origin, we need to start a Christian heritage.

Till next time danieldunlop