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So this week I set out to write two blogs, one on wednesday after church and a second on Friday. Well its early Saturday morning and I’m sitting ¬†down to write my first blog of this week. I will try to fit two blogs in this week since I promised myself I would write two a week and haven’t been doing it!

Now that I’ve concluded my rambling lets move on. I wanted to talk to you for just a minute about friendship.

Meg and I just spent the last few hours with two couples who we are pretty close with, and it got me to thinking again about the time we spend, and what we spend it on. We are a closed off and alone society: texting, instant messaging, all of the connectivity, yet no true community. Only in our generations could a person say he had 450 friends and have never met another human being (thanks to myspace and facebook)! The friends, true friends, I have, I wouldn’t give up for anything; but this brings up a good question ‘who are my true friends’ who are your true friends? Are they the people that you can laugh with around some scrumptious Mexican food? (yes, i did use that word!) Are they the people that say they would help you move, but in actuality, you’re always the one doing the moving? Are they the people that you share your deepest dreams and fears with?

How can I have a relationship, if I fail to relate? If we can spend 10 minutes listening (not talking) listening to another instead of 45 minutes checking our friend status, we would begin the long journey back to community!

Til tomorrow or Sunday danieldunlop