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I usually write my post on Fridays, but this weekend has been pretty crazy, and I  just found the time right now!

Megan’s watching Nadia so I had a few free moments to share my thoughts for this week. This week’s blog is going to focus on personal responsibility.

My beautiful wonderful inspiring wife Megan feeds our little girl during the week through the night, and I try to take the night shift for her one or two nights on the weekend that way she can get some much needed rest. Let me just say Newborn babies are a lot of work, if I didn’t feel like God had called us to be parents I think I might flip! Today, Saturday, she cried almost all day long. Diaper clean? check! Nadia feed? check! but still she cried. Not a little baby cry a full blown shrill!!!

Recently A new mother told  Megan and I that her husband had yet to change their three month old! This mother seemed rather proud of the fact that she bore all of the burden of raising their child, and add that maybe when the baby got older the dad would bond with her.

I don’t claim to be a great parent, but I try along with Meg to raise Nadia to love and fear God, and respect others. Sometimes when I pour used coffee grounds in the sink and try to put my cup of hot coffee back in the cupboard, like I did today; I think is being this exhausted worth it?

But then  I see Nadia’s little eyes looking up at mine, and I think, “God, this is more than a baby, this is my ministry, my chance to really show someone what being a christian is about.”

Til next time danieldunlop