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I usually do my blog @ the end of the week, I will do one at the end of this week, but this weekend something happened that I couldn’t wait to share.

My wife and I were attending a friend’s daughter’s two year birthday party, when it happened! A discussion of college for a little baby that is only a month older than Nadia, which makes this child 3 months old.

First off, why are we talking college for a child that hasn’t even began to speak or use the bathroom on her own? But secondly the mother of this child, (christian mother) says something to the effect of, ‘I want my daughter to learn medical stuff, computer stuff….. oh and God stuff.’ She went on to say that her and her husband both had bachelor degrees,but wanted their daughter to have at least  a Phd!

While I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with having a college degree, (in fact in many fields it’s required) I think that the story of the family above is a sad statement of the values of many of us. We would rather have our sons and daughters be fluent in java script, practicing law somewhere, than love the Lord with all their mind, body and  spirit!

God will not bless our family until we get our priorities in order, plus what kind of example are we setting to the watching world by chasing after the same things in the same way. If you want to get a degree in something, do it because its what God wants for you, and because its something you can use for Him.

Til this weekend Peace