Have you ever ended up at the end of the day and wondered where it went?Maybe you’re looking back at this week wondering were all your time has gone.

Lately I have thought a lot about the time that God has given us here on earth. I guess since Megan and I have had a baby I’ve come closer to realizing just how much time is worth! You can get to the end of a day  and wonder what you’ve done with it. Sure you’ve changed four hundred and fifty diapers!, washed ten dishes and had just enough time to sweep one square foot of floor! but what have you done?  Or maybe you’ve come home from work and like me, barely have the energy to sit down and write this.

Whether or not you have a baby or are married is unimportant. We all have commitments. We all have jobs or school or something that consumes most of our waking time, but what is it that we do with the other four minutes of our existences? I’m making a commitment before God, myself and all of you that I will spend at-least sometime this weekend pursuing my passion, writing!

Will you take just a couple of minutes this weekend, step a way from your work-a-day life and pursue what God has for you?

Let’s catch up and see how our little experiment goes.

Til next week danieldunlop