2010. Wow, I can’t believe its really twenty, ten. I mean, doesn’t it seem like we’re living in the future?

At the end of a decade, media looks back at the achievements and milestones; the history that has been made. As individuals, we look back wondering where the time has gone, sometimes with regret, sometimes with wonder (as in getting married and having a baby), but no matter good or bad we often look to our past and long for the future wondering why we are stuck in our present!

I have felt stuck for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life. The Love of a great woman and I get to work with the youth at a vibrant church, not to mention, a little bundle of Joy In Nadia, but I’m a writer and I long to write and work with youth full time.

A few days ago, I had an epiphany, what if I never get a paying youth ministry position, what if I never publish any of my writing?  What if what I do day to day is what God wants for my life? Can I be satisfied with that? Can you be satisfied with that in your own life.

til next time Daniel